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The NSW Minns government is considering the reintroduction of aerial shooting of brumbies, this is deeply troubling and demands action.

Aerial shooting of brumbies has been banned in NSW since 2000 due to its inhumane nature. This method inflicts prolonged suffering on the animals, with multiple reports and evidence proving that the horses endure hours of agony after being shot. 

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Currently, there is an ongoing consultation regarding this issue, and we implore you to join us in opposing the reintroduction of aerial shooting. The government needs to know that the people of NSW do not support this cruel action. 

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Below is  a guide to issues that could be raised  in your submission:

Flawed Survey Methodology: An independent report by biostatistician Claire Galea has exposed significant flaws in the survey methodology used to count the number of brumbies. The method’s inadequacies are underscored by the fact that the numbers from 2014 and 2019 were simply combined due to insufficient horse sightings. Such manipulation raises serious questions about the validity of the reported numbers.

Implausible Population Estimates: The population modeling techniques employed have consistently yielded implausible increases in population estimates. This casts doubt on the accuracy and reliability of the data being used to justify the aerial shooting proposal.

Call for Urgent and Independent Recount: Given the discrepancies and doubts surrounding the brumby population count, it is imperative that an independent and urgent recount of the horse numbers is conducted. Such an unbiased evaluation is essential to inform any decisions related to the brumby population management.

Inhumanity of Aerial Shooting: Aerial shooting is a ruthless and inhumane method of managing the brumby population. Its heartless approach to managing these animals, and it reflects poorly on any government that would consider such a course of action.

You have the option to make a written submission or fill in an online survey. 

Animal Justice Party NSW

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The ABHR Charter is "to preserve the heritage of the Brumby in Australia" - please see our Registration Page for an update of the definition of a Brumby.

Established in 2004 by Save The Brumbies Inc. and the Oxley Heritage Horses, the Australian Brumby Horse Register Inc. is an autonomous non-profit organisation which aims to preserve the heritage of the Australian Brumbies by providing a national register for Brumbies and promoting Brumbies in the show ring, and brings to all Brumby owners and groups theformalization of the Brumby as a unique breed.  More than that, it is a way of helping to preserve the bloodlines and the heritage of this tough, sturdy animal that developed through natural selection in the wild over many decades. 

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