Australian Brumby Horse Register

Harnessing The Strength Of Natural Selection

COVID19 Update:

Our show calendar has been updated for the 2022 ABHR Brumby classes, but please check with your local shows closer to the dates on their pages as show committees continue to monitor the situation. 

About the Australian Brumby Horse Register 

The ABHR Charter is "to preserve the heritage of the Brumby in Australia" - please see our Registration Page for an update of the definition of a Brumby.

Established in 2004 by Save The Brumbies Inc. and the Oxley Heritage Horses, the Australian Brumby Horse Register Inc. is an autonomous non-profit organisation which aims to preserve the heritage of the Australian Brumbies by providing a national register for Brumbies and promoting Brumbies in the show ring, and brings to all Brumby owners and groups theformalization of the Brumby as a unique breed.  More than that, it is a way of helping to preserve the bloodlines and the heritage of this tough, sturdy animal that developed through natural selection in the wild over many decades. 

Membership to the Register is open to anyone interested in preserving authentic Australian Brumby Horse bloodlines. 

We are a proud member of the Australian Brumby Alliance

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