Australian Brumby Horse Register

Harnessing The Strength Of Natural Selection

As more Brumbies around the country find themselves from the wild to the show ring, for many judges this may be the first time in judging Australia's wild horses. Below is a table of standards, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ABHR.

Brumbies are developed from a large number of horse types over many generations and can vary in size and colour with no restrictions.

ABHR events are open to all horses registered with the Australian Brumby Horse Register whose registration is current and financial.  We ask that judges please request to see proof of registration from all competitors.

Many Brumbies competing in the showring have been captured from the wild. Brumbies can sustain injuries in the wild and during the process of trapping and transport. These blemishes and scarring should not penalise the overall conformation.

Description and Points

Overall appearance to be balanced with equal length between the centre of the gravity to the bit and to the point of buttock. - 10

Legs to be set squarely on each corner, the horse not standing under or stretched out - 10

Shoulder set on 45 degree angle, flat rather than bulky - 5

Wither well set back, not too high or too low - 5

Back short and strongly coupled - 5

Quarters long, broad and sloped between 10-15 degree angle - 5

Head well balanced, straight, not concave or convex, larger (to accommodate teeth rather than too small - 5

Neck well balanced, not too long or too short, not bulky - 5

Front legs straight from side and front. Long forearm, short cannons, flat knees, fetlock small, pastern at 45 degrees, not too long or too short and upright - 5

Hind legs, well hooked above the hock, straight from hock to ground - 5

From behind standing square. Hind toe turned slightly out. Well -muscled.  Chest deep but not too wide between the front legs. Oval shaped rather than round - 5

Bone solid - 5

Feet solid, well -shaped thick walled healthy. No cracks or brittle feet. Brumbies may have feathers with no penalty - 10

Temperament, quiet, exhibitions of bad temper, vices or highly strung nature will be strongly penalised - 10

Mane and tail may be left long or shown in plaits or clipped.

Horses may be shown shod or unshod.

Movement must be smooth and straight. Any tendency to dish or plait severely penalised.

Brumbies can be be ridden either bitted or bitless