Australian Brumby Horse Register

Harnessing The Strength Of Natural Selection

Taking your Brumby to your local show is not just about winning, but getting out there , giving it a go and most of all having a fun day with your Brumby!

Showing brumbies is a great way for owners to help showcase the breed, as up until now, they have been rarely seen in the showring.

It is also a great way to develop lots of ground skills with your young Brumby in preparation for saddle training.

The Australian Brumby Horse Register is very pleased to announce the ABHR Showcase Brumby Of The Year Awards for each show season!

Running from the 1st July until 30th June each year, all Brumbies registered with the ABHR have a chance to win this prestigious award for each State.

This award is not about winning, it is about recognising those that are willing to get out there and give it a go!
The ABHR will be awarding the Brumby from each State who competes in the most classes at all agricultural shows and horse breed shows. This includes not only Brumby classes, but any classes - even in the Unofficial rings! Winners will be announced  at the completion of the show season and the winning brumby from each State will be awarded with an embroidered rug -  Please note that Brumby classes for GFHHA (Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse Assoc) are excluded from the ABHR Showcase Brumby Of The Year awards due to being restricted to GFHHA Brumbies only and not open to ABHR registered brumbies.

Just fill in the details on your ABHR Showcase Brumby Of The Year card (one per show) and when you pay for your classes present it  to be signed or stamped by the show staff and send it by post to the ABHR after the show. All cards must be received by the 30th of June.

To download and print your ABHR Showcase Brumby Of The Year cards, please click here.

If you are new to the showring and would like to get out there with your Brumby, you can find lots of helpful hints below.

To help get you started here a few tips to showing your Brumby - 

    - Preparation is the key, and not just giving them a good bath. The best way to help prepare your Brumby for their first show is to take them to the showground a few days before the show, during the week. Show preparations will be underway and this is a great opportunity to let your Brumby have a good walk around, check out colored bunting, buildings etc and they may even be doing PA checks on the microphone - all lots of new sights and sounds for a Brumby to explore before the big day. 

    - Practice for a couple of weeks before the show with your Brumby trotting along side you as you are jogging, as this is something that is asked of you by the judge in the led classes. Also practice leading to the off - side (turning right) and standing "square" - both back legs and front legs together and straight, ears forward and the head nicely presented.

     - Now its bath time! Remember Brumbies from the wild are not used to chemicals and they may cause a reaction, stick to products that are as natural as possible. Pay close attention to all of the white points on your brumby - especially socks and make them extra white. 

    -  Make sure their feet are in good condition, have them trimmed a few days before the show and you can make them black with hoof black, this can take a steady hand a bit of practice and always wear gloves!

     - Brumbies can be shown either plaited or trimmed or natural, it is completely up to you. You will not be penalised if you do not plait. But always make you that you and your Brumby are clean and neatly presented. 

     - There is no set attire for handlers too, but try to co-ordinate with your Brumby. If your Brumby is showing in a nice leather bridle or halter then maybe opt for moleskins and a nice shirt and hat - stock type wear. If your Brumby is showing in a halter or bridle with lots of bling, then opt for black pants and a matching shirt. 

     - Prepare as much as you can the night before - hitching the float, packing the car and pack a lunch and water for your horse too! Be up early!!! You dont want to be rushing and the earlier you can get to the showground the better. Your Brumby will settle much easier when the showground is quiet rather than at lunch during peak crowd times. 

     - Head to the Secretaries Office of the showground and pay for your classes and sign their waiver forms - and dont forget your ABHR registration! Then locate on the showground what ring you are in and where it is, they will be marked with a number - nothing worse than trying to find the ring and they are calling your class! Watch the other led classes in that ring. How is the judge asking them to lead around? On most occassions the judge will ask everyone to walk around the ring to the right and then line up individually. You are then asked in turn to walk out towards the left, turn right and then trot across infront of the judge, turn right again and then trot back towards the judge ( a large triangle pattern) and stand them square - but each judge is different. 

    - Now your ready to show!!! Take your Brumby into the showring two classes before yours and stand out to the side, this will allow your Brumby to soak up the showring atmosphere. Practice trotting a few strides while you are out there, and dont worry we all get nervous!

    -  Your class will be called and the steward helping the judge will take your ticket for your class. Then stand and wait for instructions from the judge. Dont be afraid to ask questions if you dont understand the directions, judges are always very helpful and understanding for people that are new to showing and they are always happy to give you some pointers that can help you for next time. 

    - If you win first (blue ribbon) in either the gelding, stallion or filly/mare class, then you will be competing against all of the other winners of those classes for Champion Brumby! The Champion Brumby can then compete against all of the other champions of breeds for Supreme Led Champion of the show! And you dont just need to compete in the Brumby classes. There is always the "unofficial ring" with lots of classes like long tail, longest mane etc, the more practice you can give your Brumby the better.  

Please remember - have a great day at the show!!! Get together with some friends and make a fun day of it and be proud to show off your beautiful Brumby!

If you have any further questions about showing your Brumby, please do not hesitate to contact us.